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Women Who "Tech" Are Dangerous

Tara Young Hey Girl Earrings GoogleWhen writer + photographer John Davidson asked if I'd be interested in a portrait project he was working on to highlight the women in our community's technology scene, I was both humbled and excited. There've been many times that I wanted to throw in the towel on tech. Let's face it: being the only woman in a room full of men is a constant challenge, yet since it's always been my reality, it seems pretty normal now. There have been days when I've dreamt about working part time at Outdoor Voices (for the discount + good vibes) and part time at Whole Foods (for the snacks) with the intention of spending every lunch break with a quick lap on my bike around Town Lake. Can you tell I've rehearsed this routine in my mind a few times? 

Yet, a quitter I am not. I actually like using my skills to challenge the norm at work. I actually like the fact that I'm an underdog wherever I go. I might go so far to say that knowing I've got to work harder than my competitors has paid off.

Skills and work ethic aside though, the people are what make working in technology so great. This is one area that was edited out of the final interview cut, but it is so. freaking. important. to. me. 

I'm a geek who also loves connection, and the women in this industry who've blazed ahead of me, come up beside me, and are early in their careers are what makes this gig so good. You inspire me. You challenge me in the best of ways. You make this more rewarding than any speed or feed ever will. 

XO, Tara

The full article, originally published on Medium, is available here.


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