What's the mission, girls?

What's the mission, girls? - Shop Hey Girl
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We're a socially responsible business that exists to provide free tools and training for women who want to grow their skills, career or business, while having fun selling earrings! 

By creating an online store, we are able to build out a platform for testing and evolve curriculum as technology changes.

We are putting our knowledge of all things digital to work to not only bring you a product we are passionate about (did we mention we like, love earrings?) but also to create a community and a means to share the skills & tools we are using with other women so that they can take control of their financial destiny as well.  Whether that means starting an e-commerce business of their own, or brushing up on the basics of e-mail correspondence to land a new job, we want to be there to support what success means for them.

Let's break it down 

WHO // We're a company of ladies (heeeyyy girl!!) that brings digital skills to the table. We exist to share everything we know with others who need this sort of knowledge to thrive in the workplace. From how to write an email, to collaboration, to SEO and e-commerce, we provide training and coaching on all of it through in-person workshops. 

WHAT // We're an earring company that learns how to teach others through what we learn. That's it. We live for celebrating the ear lobe. We're obsessed with it and we believe that clothing is simply an accessory to the earring. Can you recall the day when you had your ears pierced? 

BHAG // That's "big, hairy, audacious goal". In 2018, our goal is to become a certified B-Corp and change our status to become a Co-Op (rather than an individually held LLC as we are today). We want to create so much economic opportunity that the women we serve through our digital skills workshops will become owners in the company, and our customers will reap the benefits too. 

WHERE // Our shop is always open online and loves participating in seasonal pop ups as well as holiday markets. Invite us over, will ya?! Our digital skills workshops are always on the move, so please reach out to us if you'd like to schedule one for your women's group in 2018.

HOW // We're over the moon excited about the relationships we have today with women's organizations who are lining up to schedule workshops with us. Since we are always accepting referrals and intros to other orgs, please email Client Services to get one booked. These are 1,000% free and 1,000,000% fun. Proceeds from our GRL PWR line directly go to the orgs we work with to aid their career advancement programs. Examples of workshops include: 

  • Productivity 101 - G Suite (e.g. Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar), and tips for improving productivity and collaboration.
  • Online Marketing Tools - Getting your business online, ad strategy and optimization, and using analytics to gain digital insights.
  • Personal Development - Careers in tech, resume writing, and workplace culture conversations.
  • Coding 101 - Programming, data science, and app/web development.
  • UX Design - User experience, design tools and practices, and careers in design.
Thank you all for your support of Hey Girl Earring Co.
We're beyond grateful for your encouraging words + purchases.  

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  • Michelle Pitcher

    Hey!! I am Diane Dunaways daughter and your mom Lisa just told me about your business! I am actually trying to start my own business selling clothes and jewelry from India. I want to create my brand and make a website. I am wondering when you have your classes for women about how to start businesses? Thanks!!

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