About Us

What dream do you possess deep in your heart?

One that you just can't shake?

Hey Girl Earring Company originated from a seed that was planted long ago, when I experienced what it was like to own a jewelry boutique during an unforgettable childhood experience. 

After spending nearly a decade of being a woman in the technology field yet still unable to completely shake my creative juices, Hey Girl is the landing spot for both. 

Hey Girl Earrings exists to eliminate the gap in digital skills while empowering women, one pair at a time. We partner with women-focused non profits to teach coding skills, e-commerce, search engine optimization, digital marketing and more - all critical components to launching ourselves successfully into tomorrow's job scene. 

Outside of Hey Girl, I am fortunate to work for Google, a special place whose values mirror my own. Not only do I believe in technology, but I also believe in people. And I believe we will create a powerful new world of ideas when we start by teaching women the fundamentals of how to use technology for advancement in both our everyday lives, and our careers.

We aim to help our sisters & friends feel more confident and connected to each other, and we hope you enjoy the modern, playful, and elegant styles we curate just as much as we enjoy finding them for you.




Join us to learn digital skills (for free!) at an upcoming workshop:

Private workshops in and around Austin, Texas are ongoing. Email us for details about scheduling a customized learning opportunity for your nonprofit.


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